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Cashmere Yarn

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chloe. yarn. March 16th , 2018.

When natural hair-type fibers are burned they tend to singe and have a smell of burnt hair; this is because many as human hair are protein-derived. Cotton and viscose (rayon) yarns burn as a wick. Synthetic yarns generally tend to melt though some synthetics are inherently flame-retardant. Noting how an unidentified fiber strand burns and smells can assist in determining if it is natural or synthetic and what the fiber content is.

Spun yarn is made by twisting staple fibres together to make a cohesive thread or "single."6 Twisting fibres into yarn in the process called spinning can be dated back to the Upper Paleolithic and yarn spinning was one of the very first processes to be industrialized. Spun yarns may contain a single type of fibre or be a blend of various types. Combining synthetic fibres (which can have high strength lustre and fire retardant qualities) with natural fibres (which have good water absorbency and skin comforting qualities) is very common. The most widely used blends are cotton-polyester and wool-acrylic fibre blends. Blends of different natural fibres are common too especially with more expensive fibres such as alpaca angora and cashmere.

Yarn quantities for handcrafts are usually measured and sold by weight in ounces or grams. Common sizes include 25 g 50 g and 00 g skeins. Some companies also primarily measure in ounces with common sizes being three-ounce four-ounce six-ounce and eight-ounce skeins. Textile measurements are taken at a standard temperature and humidity because fibers can absorb moisture from the air. The actual length of the yarn contained in a ball or skein can vary due to the inherent heaviness of the fibre and the thickness of the strand; for instance a 50 g skein of lace weight mohair may contain several hundred metres while a 50 g skein of bulky wool may contain only 60 metres.

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